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Liens for Medical Provider Payment

July 7, 2017

Will the doctors, hospitals and other medical providers wait for payment until your personal injury case is settled? The short answer is, “It depends”. Many times, the emergency room or the doctors who’ve provided treatment to you in the emergency room will file what is called a lien, which is a promise for you to pay their bill when your personal injury case settles. Often times, this is done by a matter of operation of law in California because California law allows these doctors to do this, and the hospitals as well.

Certain other practitioners, such as physical therapists, chiropractors, x-ray facilities or MRI facilities can also have you execute a lien. This is a written promise signed by you, given to the provider of your services, promising to pay for those fees at the time your case settles. Most of these facilities will not do this unless you have an attorney representing you because they want to make sure the case is good and is going to get paid.

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