Whether Your Case Involves A Motor Vehicle Accident Or Personal Injury Matter

You’re meeting with your attorney for the first time… What should you bring with you?

January 25, 2022

I am asked this all the time, “what am I supposed to bring with me to the meeting?”

Here are three things that every client should bring to their first meeting with me.

First and most important, bring any writings you have that details the facts or the witnesses or pictures of the collision. In addition, it is always best to do so as soon after the incident in question when the evidence is still there, memories are still clear, and witnesses are still at the scene.

The second thing is to bring pictures of the cars. Particularly bring pictures of the other driver’s car. Why is this so key? Typically you always have access to the car you were in, or that you were driving at the time of the collision, but it’s usually harder for you to get a picture of the other driver’s vehicle before you consult with a lawyer.

Finally bring in all your insurance policies. Your health insurance, your car insurance, your disability insurance, and any insurance policy you may have. I will sort through those policies for you. Together we will find out what types of coverage’s you have and the terms of your coverage. This helps figure out what you can expect in your personal injury case.

If you have additional questions regarding any injury case or our first meeting, I want you to call me at (559) 436-0850.  I welcome your call.  Visit videos for more videos and media content from my law firm.

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