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Often times in lawsuits, the other side can’t learn enough about the other side’s case without sitting down and meeting with the person who actually witnessed the events that are in dispute. This process is usually handled best through a deposition. A deposition is, in essence, a question-and-answer session, and it’s not so much the answers that come from the question and answer session, but more of the opportunity to evaluate how well the witness presents. Does he or she continue to make eye contact? Do they answer questions directly? Are they evasive in their answers? Do they fidget? Do they take long pauses before giving an answer? All of these and many others are some of the others are gained from taking a deposition from a witness. More importantly, it is also designed to narrow the issues that are in dispute. If the deposition reveals, for example, that nobody disputes the light was red for the car that hit the other car, now we’ve narrowed the issues to liability not being a factor, but it being a question of, “How much damage is there?” So, there are many different reasons why a deposition is taken.

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