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You Should Talk to an Attorney Before Signing a Release from an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies know that it is common for a person who was in a collision to feel fine immediately afterwards, only to notice within a few days that their neck or back hurts, or that they are much sorer than anticipated.  The insurance company… Read More
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Can a child file a lawsuit on their own?

  In California, minor children cannot file lawsuits on their own behalf.  The court instead appoints a Guardian Ad Litem, which is a representative for that child’s interest in the case.  This is in large part because a minor’s perspectiv… Read More
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Can I be Deposed a Second Time in a Single Case?

There are times when someone may be required to participate in a second deposition, but in the State of California, this generally requires a court order.  It may happen if there is a new party that is later added to the case after the original depo… Read More
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