Can a child file a lawsuit on their own?

Can I Sue My Friend that Drove Recklessly and Injured Me as a Passenger? The short answer is that, yes, you can sue your friend if you were injured as a passenger in their vehicle due to their negligence.  However, there are exceptions to this rule.… Read More
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Can I be Deposed a Second Time in a Single Case?

There are times when someone may be required to participate in a second deposition, but in the State of California, this generally requires a court order.  It may happen if there is a new party that is later added to the case after the original depo… Read More
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What An Attorney Looks For When Deciding To Take Your Case

You were involved in a car accident in California, and you are thinking about bringing a claim or a lawsuit, and you want to know what an attorney looks for in deciding to take your case. Well, I can tell you the things that an attorney looks for bec… Read More
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Hiring a Lawyer on Contingency Basis

You’ve been involved in a car accident, you can’t work because of your injuries, your car was ruined, you can’t get to work.  The last thing you need to do is pay for hiring a lawyer.  How can you afford to hire a lawyer in that situation?  … Read More
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Can You Claim Lost Income as a Stay at Home Parent?

You are injured in a car crash in California, and you are a stay-at-home parent. Can you still bring a claim for your lost income? Well, the answer to that question is: If you have no income lost, you can’t make a claim for income lost, but wha… Read More
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How Do You Know if a Settlement Offer is Good?

You were injured in an accident, and you decided you were going to skip on the attorney’s fee and handle the case yourself. Many times, clients think that they can go at it alone, but they eventually wind up in my office, saying, “I received an o… Read More
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Can You File a Claim Against the Owner of the Dog that Caused Your Motorcycle Crash?

You’re driving your beautiful motorcycle down the road here in sunny California, and out of nowhere a dog comes and chases you, and you crash.  Can you bring a claim against the owner of the dog? In California, the owners of animals, including dog… Read More
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Insurance Company Case Settlement Delay

A woman was hit by a crane nearly two years ago.  She comes to my office and wants to make a claim.  I have to ask her, “Why did you wait so long?” She and her kids were traveling home from a birthday party and they were hit by a mobile crane a… Read More
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Why Insurance Companies Hire Personal Investigators

Client’s often ask me, I think I’m being followed by somebody with a camera and most likely its from an insurance company.  Why would an insurance company do such a thing?  Well, to be honest with you they are looking for inconsistency between… Read More
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Proving the Other Driver's Speed

You were involved in an accident, and you believe the other driver was speeding.  How do you go about proving that?  At deposition, I will ask these drivers, “How fast were you going at the time of collision?”  I will also ask the drivers, “… Read More
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