Can a child file a lawsuit on their own?

Can I Sue My Friend that Drove Recklessly and Injured Me as a Passenger?

The short answer is that, yes, you can sue your friend if you were injured as a passenger in their vehicle due to their negligence.  However, there are exceptions to this rule. 

In California, if the vehicle was driven by a resident relative – someone you live with who is covered under the same insurance – the auto insurance company will not allow a claim against that driver.  Otherwise, the driver is treated as responsible for the injuries that result from his negligence regardless of whether you were a passenger, another driver, or someone on the street.  Watch the video to learn more. 

If you have additional questions about filing a claim or suing for damages resulting from an automobile accident, I want you to call me at 559-436-0850.  I welcome your call.  Or, visit our website at to reference our educational library. 



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