You Can Settle Your Car Claim Before Settling Your Injury Claim

You Can Settle Your Car Claim Before Settling Your Injury Claim

After a car crash, you may be wondering whether you have to wait to settle your car damage claim until you are ready to settle the bodily injury portion of the claim.

You don’t have to wait. You can settle one before the other. Think of these as two separate claims, even though they originate from the same accident.

It is common to settle the car claim quickly, and the other’s party’s insurance company will want to do so as well. This will help keep their costs down and allow you to get back to using your vehicle for your daily needs.

Have the insurance company come out to inspect the car at their earliest convenience. After they do so, you will receive an estimate showing whether they are going to repair or replace your vehicle. Remember, don’t discuss any other aspects of your case.

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