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Why Insurance Companies Wait to Pay Medical Bills After Treatment?

Why Insurance Companies Wait to Pay Medical Bills After Treatment?

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You were injured in a car accident in California. You’re seeking medical care, and the insurance company won’t pay for your medical bills, and it’s clearly the other driver’s fault. Why isn’t the other driver’s insurance company paying for your medical care as you go along in treatment? Well, the answer is very simple. Insurance companies like to issue final settlements. Once they settle a case, they don’t want to hear or see from the injured party ever again. Most insurance companies will not pay for your treatment as you go along through the course of your care because they want an opportunity to evaluate all of the care to see if it’s in fact medically reasonable and medically necessary. How do they do this? Well, they make you wait until you’ve been released from care until you can settle the entire claim. It’s not wise to resolve a claim before you reach maximum medical improvement. This is why we must wait for all of your medical bills to come to light, all of your harm and losses to be brought to the forefront, so you can present everything to the insurance company because the settlement will be final. When the settlement isn’t final, the insurance companies would whether spend the money defending the lawsuit then pay out the claim and have to come back and re-litigate it.

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