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Practice Areas

Nunes Law, Inc. Fresno, California

Nunes Law, Inc. represents clients in California’s Central and San Joaquin Valleys, including Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, Tulare County, Madera County, and Merced County.

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We take pride in the personable, local representation we offer in the following areas of practice. For more information, we welcome you to contact us for a free consultation.

Car accidents – Our talented legal team holds at-fault parties reliable for car accidents, whether they were driving while intoxicated, engaging in distracted driving, or driving recklessly.

Rear-end collisions – We help victims collect maximum compensation for injuries incurred in a California rear-end collision.

Hit-and-run accidents – Our skilled attorney hunts down hit-and-run drivers and collects damages from the insurance company on behalf of innocent victims.

Bicycle accidents – Our personal injury lawyer defends the rights of cyclists who have been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Catastrophic accidents – We fight aggressively for the rights of catastrophic injury victims suffering because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.

Motorcycle accidents – We help motorcycle injury victims achieve a fair accident settlement from insurance companies and obtain compensation in a lawsuit when necessary.

Truck accidents – We fight against negligent trucking companies and drivers who cause accidents that devastate the lives of individuals and their families.

Pedestrian accidents – Our skilled legal team pursues justice for pedestrians and their families when injured because of negligent or reckless driving.

Dog bite – We hold dog owners accountable for failing to maintain control of their animals, allowing them to viciously attack and harm innocent victims.

Rideshare accidents – We use our knowledge of California law to determine who is responsible for rideshare accidents and collect maximum compensation on behalf of victims.