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Our Customer Reviews

I have worked with a number of attorneys over my 73 years. When I found myself a victim of a rear end auto accident and with Insurance Companies giving me the good old run around treatment, I knew I needed help. Dreading to talk with one of the attorneys I used in the past because I deemed them as big a problem as I was encountering, I decided to look for a new face to represent me. I found Frank Nunes and his staff of professionals, from the moment I met and counseled with them they helped me get my life back on track both physically and legally. If I ever need a counselor for any legal matter in the future, I will be seeking the advice and counsel of Frank Nunes and his staff of professionals.

Thanks, Frank and all your staff, for all your help both personally and legally.


We were looking for a lawyer for a lawsuit against a woman who hit me with her car. … Frank was able to collect from her insurance and our insurance, which was very helpful for us. Frank and the secretaries in the office were very good at helping me stay calm and confident. …

You walked me through every procedure of the lawsuit [and] cared and worked for us to come out of this suit with something that would help us.

Frank and his staff care for their clients and that means so much to us!!

Sharon J.

[Frank Nunes] came highly recommended by an insurance company employee who knew [him].
Mr. Nunes is very knowledgeable about the field of auto accidents; he is very practical and pragmatic. His patience is amazing and he can explain the details and nuances of a case with clarity. He works very hard for his clients!

[He was] very good to listen to the accident situation and to offer counsel and advice about what to do next and where to go for the needed medical treatment. [He was] willing to listen to the concerns we had about the accident and the insurance process. [He] made every effort to get us a fair and reasonable settlement in a timely manner. [He was] very straight-forward and realistic.

Susan H.

You are the best! [You are] trustworthy and so helpful. You answered all of my questions and kept me in the loop with my case.

Stormie W.

I was involved in an automobile accident. And heard of your reputation and was please to know u were a former Selma bear.

[Frank Nunes] is the best out there and he will get the job done. [He] kept in close contact made sure I was taken care of.

Isreal C.

[ Nunes Law was] easy to work with and I got a good [auto accident] settlement. [They] took care of everything with no hassles.

Enid M.

Mr. Nunes is very good at his job. He even continued to help me after he got paid and even just checked in to see how I was doing.

Alyson F.

My job starts when I leave home…Two cars hit me head on… Out of all the attorneys on Youtube, Frank M. Nunes at Nunes Law stood out… Frank told me that after meeting he thought that he could help me with my case… Frank helped me get a workers’ comp attorney…Frank worked with my worker’s comp attorney…Frank worked hard on my case. He took the time to explain everything to me. Frank really got my case going. He got results. He settled out of court. I was very satisfied with the settlement. Frank did a fantastic job. Thank you, Frank

Jerry B.

My daughter and I were looking for an attorney after being involved in a car accident. After reading many exceptional reviews about The Nunes Law, we contacted them. We went to an interview and were very impressed. We would suggest that if you are looking for an attorney who is honest, straight-forward, and very personable, who will get the most for your injuries, then look no further. Frank Nunes is the attorney for you!

Shirley H.

We were looking for a lawyer because we had a serious car accident and when we met Frank Nunes we felt comfortable and we knew he was trust worthy. We would recommend Frank Nunes in a heart beat. He helped us with the bills that were coming in and [gave] us guidance in what to do.

Guadalupe C.

[I] had a trip and fall and [on a stone paver in a large retail store], but chose not to resolve for [their minimal offer]. [I] found Frank Nunes in an on line search.

Mr. Nunes took a personal interest in my case and the affect this injury caused me and my family. I know very little about navigating a legal action. Mr. Nunes navigated for me, but also explained and updated me throughout the process.

Mr. Nunes is professional & personable. His office staff is fantastic. It’s a win-win!

Eileen B.