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Accidents & Injury FAQs

What should I do about calls from the other driver’s insurance company to discuss the accident?

Most insurance companies know it often takes some time for all injuries from an accident to set in. The insurance company claims handlers are trained to get to the victim first to get a quick and inexpensive settlement before the full extent of damages from the accident is felt by the injured victim. Know your rights before speaking with the insurance company’s well-trained and smooth-operating claims handlers. Once you hire Nunes Law, Inc., we will get the calls to your home, cell phone, or even business from the at-fault driver’s insurance company to stop. Call Nunes Law, Inc., at (559) 702-5124 for a Free Consultation BEFORE you speak to the insurance companies to learn your rights and their obligations to you.

What should I do about letters I am getting from the hospital’s emergency department or other doctors that I didn’t even know I saw because of the accident?

Oftentimes emergency departments and doctors will send you letters requesting information about the at-fault party or his or her insurance information, even when you had health insurance. Frequently the hospital or emergency room doctor is trying to look for as many available policies of insurance as possible to pay the bills caused by the accident. The problem is once they obtain the other driver’s insurance information, they will demand to have the hospital’s name placed on any settlement check you receive. While these hospitals may be within their rights, often there are defenses or other steps that can be taken to put more of the settlement money into your pocket to fully compensate you for your injuries. Call Nunes Law, Inc., at (559) 702-5124 to discuss your case before you sign anything or send back any forms.

The other driver admitted she was at fault for the accident. Do I still need an attorney?

Determining who is a fault is only one part of presenting a claim to get compensated for your injuries from an accident. Even when the at-fault driver accepts responsibility for the accident, the driver’s insurance company may still challenge the injured party’s damage claim as excessive or claim the medical bills are too high for the treatment sought. Call Nunes Law, Inc., at (559) 702-5124 to discuss the details of your case and possible challenges to your damages claim by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company has already made me a settlement offer; why should I contact an attorney?

Often times the at-fault driver’s insurance company will make an offer shortly after the accident to close the file quickly. The insurance company will not send a settlement check until you sign a release of all known and unknown claims against the at-fault driver. Once the release is signed, your claim is settled for a specific amount, and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to re-open the claim if you find out your injuries were worse than originally thought. Call Nunes Law, Inc. at (559) 702-5124 to discuss whether the insurance company’s offer is fair, reasonable, and a good idea to accept.

I know I need an attorney, but why should I call you?

There are many attorneys available to handle personal injury matters. You want one with experience. Frank M. Nunes has been a lawyer since 1995. You can see his whole resume of experience on Linked In. As a native of the Central San Joaquin Valley, and has tried cases for juries in Fresno, Kings, Kern, and Tulare Counties. Check out what other satisfied clients say on our Avvo page, a service that rates attorneys by client reviews. Frank M. Nunes has worked for insurance companies, and he knows how they handle injured people, evaluate cases, and tactics used by the insurance companies to settle cases. When you hire Nunes Law, Inc., you get persistent and personable help for injured people to stand up to the big insurance companies. Give us a call for a Free Consultation to discuss your case. You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.