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How Do You Know if a Settlement Offer is Good?

How Do You Know if a Settlement Offer is Good?

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You were injured in an accident, and you decided you were going to skip on the attorney’s fee and handle the case yourself. Many times, clients think that they can go at it alone, but they eventually wind up in my office, saying, “I received an offer. How do I know if it is a good offer?”

Well, you can handle it on your own. Do you know if the offer is sufficient for all of the harms and losses you’ve suffered? Does it cover your need for future medical care, should something go wrong with your injuries? Does it compensate you for your wage loss for the time you’ve maybe taken off work to attend to other matters that were caused by the accident? Are you finished with medical care? Are you aware of the value of other cases like yours, and what they’ve settled for? If you’re in that top one percent of non-lawyers who understand this, congratulations You have the ability to handle this case on your own. But, if you are like the rest of the people, you need someone who has the knowledge, experience, and know-how to get the job done.

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