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How to Repair or Replace Your Car After a Collision

How to Repair or Replace Your Car After a Collision

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You were involved in a car crash here in California, and you suffered an injury, but at the same time, you want to know how do you get your car fixed. Many times, people will be involved in a car crash, and they will suffer personal injury, but at the same time, as they’re recuperating they want to get their car fixed. Well, how does one go about doing this? The first place to look is your own coverage. If you have full coverage – sometimes called collision coverage – that will pay for the harms and losses to your car. It will typically pay the lesser of either the cost to replace the car or to repair the car. Again, whichever is lesser of the two.

Submit the claim to your own insurance company. They will evaluate the car, usually through an appraisal or an inspection process, provide you with a written estimate of the repairs or the cost to replace the car. You will negotiate with your insurance company on the value of repair or replacement of that car and proceed to either replace it or get the car fixed. Most people worry whether this will, in fact, raise their rates. Well, the underlying concern is, if the collision was not your fault and somebody caused the crash, then this is merely claim that you’re making where your insurance company will turn around and go after the other driver’s insurance company through a process called subrogation to seek reimbursement for the amount of money they paid to repair or replace your car.

Now, what do you do in situations when you don’t have full coverage? Well, that’s one of the few instances when it’s ok to speak with the other driver’s insurance company, but limit the conversation to strictly property damage issues only. Don’t talk about any bodily injury to your person. Don’t talk about any time missed from work. Don’t talk about anything else other than the damage to the car. And, the conversation can be more limited to arranging a time when the inspection for the other driver’s insurance company can be arranged and the location of the vehicle.

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