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The Legal Side of Injuries Caused by a Serious Car Accident

The Legal Side of Injuries Caused by a Serious Car Accident

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You get that call from the California Highway Patrol; your husband’s been involved in a terrible accident, and you have to come to the hospital right away. You go to the hospital. You come into the Intensive Care Unit. You see your husband laying in the bed, tubes everywhere, wires and machines and noises, tube down his mouth to help him breathe, nurses coming in and out of the room. You begin to sit there and realize you’re helpless; there’s nothing you can do to help you husband as he tries to heal from these catastrophic injuries.

Then you begin to hear talk about how the accident may have happened. You learn that it could have been caused by somebody else’s careless. You begin to develop feelings of despair. Those feelings of despair turn into anger as you think that this all could have been avoided if somebody had been just a little bit more careful, and as you turn those feelings into anger, you begin to lose the emotional control that you need to make rational decisions at this point.

You need to hire an attorney that can do a thorough and careful examination of the case. One who will get the police report. One who will investigate the scene, interview the witnesses and find out the underlying facts and even the cause of what put your loved in the hospital. Once we complete the investigation, we can come back to you and tell you what we found and let you know who, if anyone, is responsible for the situation that’s placed your husband in the hospital. This will allow you to focus on caring for your husband and allow us to do the magic we do behind the scenes as the legal team for you.

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