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If you have been involved in a car crash in California, then there are some very important first steps you need to take.

If you have been injured as a result of the collision, then you obviously first need to seek medical attention appropriate for your injuries. There will likely be additional follow-up care. Most people call their established primary care physician if they have one, but such doctors will often not be able to see them if an accident or litigation is involved. While the doctor doesn’t mind treating you, getting involved in litigation leads to depositions and time spent away from their medical practice.

Your way forward in pursuing medical treatment is to contact an attorney and ask for reputable healthcare providers who will treat people who have accident cases. The attorney should be able to connect you with a reputable healthcare provider that is not susceptible to strategic questions asked by the other side’s insurance company.

In addition to seeking appropriate medical attention, you need to document all of your harms and losses resulting from the accident. It is very easy to forget these harms and losses if you are not recording them at the time. Additionally, you may not be able to recognize all of the harms and losses that have resulted or will result from the accident. There are many things you may not be able to do as a result of your injuries, and these often have implications for your case.

Again, an experienced attorney will be able to help you to identify and document your harms and losses, which can strengthen your case and lead to a higher settlement. Contacting an attorney immediately following a car crash can get you on the right path for both identifying appropriate medical providers and documenting your harms and losses. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about the steps you need to take following a car accident in California, I want you to call me at (559) 702-5124. I welcome your call. Visit our educational website at www.NunesLaw.com for more videos and media content from our law firm.

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