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What is a Request for Production?

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In the course of your case one of the parties has made a request for production, and now you are wondering what that means. It could mean a number of things depending on the case and context, but it generally means one side is asking the other side to bring forth an item or items so they can access and review them.

A request for production usually pertains to documents like medical records, a copy of a driver’s license, or financial reports. However, it could be something broader than that, such as one’s shoes worn during a trip-and-fall case or the ambulance a person rode in on the way to the hospital.  It is a formal request that creates the obligation for the other party to seek and provide the item or information to their ability.

Sometimes it is not possible to comply with a request for production because the file does not exist or someone else has possession or custody of it.  For example, if a party requests documents pertaining to wage loss and the person in question is retired, then such documents would not exist.

Responding to a request for production can involve an objection with a written response if the request is improper, impermissible, or too unreasonably broad and difficult to collect.  Watch the video to learn more.

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