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If you have a rental car from the insurance company after your own vehicle was damaged in an accident, you may be wondering when you need to return it to avoid being billed.

You should return the rental car as soon as you don’t need it to avoid the insurance company billing you for it.  From the perspective of the insurance company, once they make you an offer for the total loss of your car they can begin billing you for the rental car’s use.

If the car is not “totaled” but is instead in the repair shop, you need to return the rental car when your car in the shop is ready for you to pick up.  Drop the rental car off simultaneously when you retrieve your repaired vehicle.

People who have been in accidents often make the mistake of keeping rental cars too long for the purpose of shopping for new vehicles, and they get billed for these uses.  This can be very frustrating for people who have suffered from an accident that was not their fault, as being billed for this is one more in a series of unexpected inconveniences.

Return your rental car when you receive a “total loss” check for your vehicle or when you receive a call that your own vehicle is ready for pick up from the repair shop.  Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about rental cars and personal injury cases in relation to an accident, I want you to call me at (559) 702-5124.  I welcome your call.  Visit our educational website at www.NunesLaw.com for more videos and media content from our law firm.

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