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Could Mild Whiplash Be a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Could Mild Whiplash Be a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

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You’ve been involved in a car crash in California. Your head went forward, backward, and forward again. And now, you thought you just had a mild case of whiplash, but you are beginning to see other symptoms. Could you have a case of mild traumatic brain injury?

I see these kinds of cases all the time. People come in to the office, and they say, “It was just a minor case of whiplash, and everything seemed fine, but weeks later I was noticing that I had forgotten things, and I couldn’t think things through as clearly as I had before, or I had difficulty focusing on some of the tasks that I had done”. Well, perhaps that person has a mild traumatic brain injury.

You might wonder, why are you different now than you were before the accident. Well, this is something that could require medical attention for an examination of mild traumatic brain injury. Now, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve worked on enough of these cases to know when somebody should be seen and evaluated for these types of things. Oftentimes, mild traumatic brain injury is not visible to the naked eye, including the insurance companies, who often think that, “Your client is faking it; it’s nothing more than a case of whiplash”. What you need to do is get some answers and an evaluation as to whether or not you’ve had a mild traumatic brain injury. I have the ability to get you an evaluation and the answers for this.

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