Why Insurance Companies Hire Personal Investigators

Client’s often ask me, I think I’m being followed by somebody with a camera and most likely its from an insurance company.  Why would an insurance company do such a thing?  Well, to be honest with you they are looking for inconsistency between… Read More
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Proving the Other Driver's Speed

You were involved in an accident, and you believe the other driver was speeding.  How do you go about proving that?  At deposition, I will ask these drivers, “How fast were you going at the time of collision?”  I will also ask the drivers, “… Read More
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The Difference Between Mediation and Trail

Often times, people want to know what happens in a mediation session.  Well, a mediation session is a time for the parties to come together and to discuss their commonalities and their differences.  To discuss what is strong about one side of the c… Read More
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Liens for Medical Provider Payment

Will the doctors, hospitals and other medical providers wait for payment until your personal injury case is settled?  The short answer is, “It depends”.  Many times, the emergency room or the doctors who’ve provided treatment to you in the em… Read More
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Can I File a Claim Without an Accident Witness?

You were involved in a car accident, and you don’t have a witness to the crash.  Can you still bring a claim in California?  Well, the answer to that question is, “Most definitely, yes!”  Just because you don’t have one eyewitness doesn’… Read More
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Can I Change Insurance Companies After Starting a Claim?

One of the most common questions I get from clients is, “Now that I have my claim started can I change insurance companies?”  The short answer to that question is, “Yes”.  In California, the insurance companies operate on when the claim… Read More
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Time Restrictions To File A Lawsuit

California, as of April 15, 2015, has required that all lawsuits for personal injuries be brought before or on the second anniversary of the injury-producing event.  So, what does that mean?  As a general rule, you have two years from the time of t… Read More
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Can you Settle Your Car Claim Before Your Injury Claim?

You were involved in a car crash, and your car is severely damaged or totaled.  You can’t get to work.  You can’t use it for everyday things, but you still have a bodily injury claim you would like to settle, too.  Can you settle one before yo… Read More
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What is Discovery?

You’ve got a business dispute, you’ve tried everything in your power to get it resolved, and it looks like you are going to be taking this case to court and filing a lawsuit.  Well, you talked to somebody, and they said that if you file a lawsui… Read More
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Who Can Sit In on Your Deposition?

You’re not going to believe this but it might sound like a bad joke. I recently went to a deposition that was the witness’s mother, the witness’s father, the witness’s priest, the witness’s mechanic. All of these people… Read More
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