Whether Your Case Involves A Motor Vehicle Accident Or Personal Injury Matter

What To Do if the District Attorney Calls After You Were Injured by a Drunk Driver

May 31, 2022

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you may be surprised to receive a call not from your own attorney, but from the district attorney or the defense

Understanding The “Second” Things You Should Do After an Accident

May 23, 2022

You may know the first things to do after an accident, but you also need to be prepared to address the “second” things you must do after returning from the

When To Return Your Rental Car Following An Accident

May 17, 2022

If you have a rental car from the insurance company after your own vehicle was damaged in an accident, you may be wondering when you need to return it to

Why You Shouldn’t Delete Social Media Posts in a Personal Injury Case

May 11, 2022

You may know to be careful about posting in social media when you are involved in a lawsuit for a personal injury case, but do you know not to delete

What is a 998 Offer in a Personal Injury Case?

May 5, 2022

You may have heard of a “998 offer” in relation to your personal injury case.  The name is a reference to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 998.  They are

Injured Passengers Have Rights After a California Vehicle Collision

April 19, 2022

At Nunes Law, our car accident attorney in Fresno knows that drivers are not the only people who are injured during California vehicle collisions. Passengers are equally at risk for

The First Things You Should Do If You Have Been in a Car Accident

April 19, 2022

If you have just been in a car accident, here are some important first steps you should take.  Do not make the mistake of neglecting them now. First, seek appropriate

Explaining the Meaning and Purpose of a Notice to Consumer

April 18, 2022

Perhaps you have received a notice of intent to consumer, or perhaps you have been told one will be sent in the course of your lawsuit, and now you want

Can The Other Party’s Insurance Adjuster Call Me If I Have Hired an Attorney?

April 16, 2022

You’ve hired an attorney, but the insurance adjuster is calling you directly, and you’re wondering whether they can still do that.  Insurance adjusters will typically resist calling you directly, but

What is attorney client privilege

April 3, 2022

In television and the movies we often hear actors portraying lawyers say something like, “That’s protected by the attorney–client privilege” in a tense, dramatic exchange.  This is an important privacy

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