Can you bring a lawsuit if the other driver has the same insurance company?

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As if it wasn’t enough to be in a car crash, you find out the driver who was careless has the same insurance company that you do. Can you still make a claim? Hi, I’m Frank Nunes. I’m a California personal injury trial attorney practicing in the state of California. Well, the answer to that is, “Absolutely yes.” Your policy, even if it’s with the same company as the careless driver, is different, the ratings are different, the limits are different and the way it’s handled differently. And the insurance companies are supposed to assign them to separate adjusters. How do you make sure that happens? By reading everything you get from the insurance company in the mail. Always look to see who is the insured and look to see who is the claimant. If that’s not clear, don’t respond to that letter.

Finally, you can confirm with the adjusters, that when they call you, are you representing the claimant or are you representing the insured on this case? And they will be able to let you know, and check the claim numbers because a lot of times they’re different as well.

Well, that’s on whether you can still bring a lawsuit if you were hit by somebody with the same insurance as you. By the way, if you found this information useful, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Why? So you can continue to get great new videos every time we post another one. And if you have questions, I want you to pick up the phone and call me since I can answer those questions. I answer questions like this all the time. You can reach me at (559) 436-0850. I’m Frank Nunes. And thanks for watching.


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