Can you file a lawsuit and still remain anonymous?

Can you file a lawsuit and still remain anonymous? – CA Attorney Frank Nunes explains

You were the victim of sexual abuse as if that wasn’t bad enough, you want to file a lawsuit and they’re going to put your name in it. Can you remain anonymous in the lawsuit?

Hi, I’m Frank Nunes. I’m a California personal injury attorney practicing in the state of California. Well, the short answer is most likely yes. Injured parties who are concerned about their name being mentioned in something that could be more harmful, just being named in the lawsuit than anything else itself, are allowed to proceed under fictitious names, such as Jane Doe or John Doe.

These cases are usually very personal in nature, such as sexual assault or injuries to sensitive areas of someone’s body. In addition to using fictitious names, they can also have the court issue privacy or protective orders, and sometimes even a gag order, which prohibits the parties from talking about it to the media. The protective order prohibits the attorneys and the parties from sharing what they learned in the case with others. So, you avoid adding insult to injury. You can file a case in certain circumstances under a fictitious name.

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