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Can You File a Claim Against the Owner of the Dog that Caused Your Motorcycle Crash?

July 18, 2017

You’re driving your beautiful motorcycle down the road here in sunny California, and out of nowhere a dog comes and chases you, and you crash. Can you bring a claim against the owner of the dog? In California, the owners of animals, including dogs, are strictly responsible for the injuries that their dogs or animals cause. In this situation, if the dog ran out and chased you and caused you to crash, you would have the opportunity to bring a viable claim against that person who owned the dog.

What would that person be responsible for? Well, all the harms and losses that are reasonably caused by the collision. First of all, you have the damage to your beautiful motorcycle, perhaps the repair or replacement costs of that motorcycle, your past medical bills if you were injured, your future medical bills, and any time off from work that you’ve already missed or that you will miss as a result of the collision. Not to mention the pain and suffering, inconvenience, and humiliation of the crash.

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