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Concertgoer’s Personal Injury Claim

Concertgoer’s Personal Injury Claim

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I want to tell you the story about a young concertgoer who was struck while she was outside the crosswalk on her way to the Save Mart center. It was one of the greatest and most anticipated concerts of this young woman’s life. She was crossing both lanes of Shaw Avenue, and there was a lot of traffic. She couldn’t get herself into the crosswalk because it was so packed. Suddenly, without warning, the other driver’s car came rushing down the street at a high rate of speed. He didn’t see her. He struck her, hit her, knocked her to the ground. She suffered catastrophic injuries to her hip and her leg.

When we made a claim to the other driver’s insurance company, they completely denied the claim, claiming the driver had done nothing wrong, saying simply because this woman was outside the crosswalk at a heavily congested time she was one hundred percent at fault for her own injuries. What did we do? We had to file suit. We filed suit against them. We asked questions. We conducted discovery, the process where we learned, we proved that the woman was, in fact, outside the crosswalk, and had she been in the crosswalk she would have been struck sooner at greater force and suffered even more catastrophic injuries than she already suffered.

What did the insurance company do in response to this? Once they saw that we had proved that the being out of the crosswalk actually lessened this woman’s catastrophic injuries, they paid all the insurance proceeds they had available and settled the case quickly and quietly.

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