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Electrocution injuries can be some of the most painful and long-lasting injuries to a human being. When some else’s carelessness causes electrocution, not only does the harmed person suffer immediate pain, but oftentimes he or she will have lingering neurological and brain damage as well. Electrocutions can happen almost anywhere, at work, at home, or due to low lying power lines. They also occur when least expected often time due to poor work training, improper high voltage signage, and a list of other careless actions or inactions by others. In these situations, it is important after seeking immediate medical treatment to contact an attorney who can help investigate the facts, determine the careless parties, preserve the evidence, and make sure the full extent of injury from the electrocution is brought to light to those responsible.

Often electrocution patients spend long periods of time in intensive care and require constant monitoring of their brain activity. This long process can also be draining on loved ones caring for the victim of someone else’s carelessness. The medical bills begin to mount, the caregivers juggle attending to the victim and their own careers, and sometimes are forced to quit work to care for the victim. In many cases the victim’s discharge home is only the beginning of a new chapter of recovery, often requiring the victim to learn to handle the daily activities of life, such as dressing, hygiene, feeding oneself, not to mention walking and talking.


If you are or a loved one has suffered an electrocution injury, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your rights and possible theories of recovery of the other party’s carelessness. Nunes Law, Inc can marshal the evidence, identify the responsible parties and make sure you are fully and fairly compensated for the horrific harms and losses from another’s carelessness.

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