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Explaining an Umbrella Policy and What Coverage to Look for?

Explaining an Umbrella Policy and What Coverage to Look for?

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Umbrella policies are insurance policies that provide additional coverage above and beyond the limits of your existing policy.  People often purchase umbrella policies for additional protection in case their actions cause harm to another person in the form of catastrophic injuries.

Not only can an umbrella policy make sure you have enough insurance to cover someone else’s injuries, but you can also buy an umbrella policy that covers harms and losses you may suffer at the hands of another careless person who does not have enough insurance.  Not all umbrella policies are the same, so you need to carefully read your policy and ask your agent what is included in yours.

There are some specific questions you should ask.  First, ask whether you have third-party coverage, which covers the third party that hit you.  Then ask whether you have first-party coverage, as well.  First-party coverage covers you and the people in your car if the person who hurts you does not have enough insurance to cover your injuries.  Make sure your umbrella includes the coverage you think you should have.  Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about umbrella policies or auto insurance, or if you have been injured in an auto accident, I want you to call me at (559) 702-5124.  I welcome your call.  Visit our educational website at www.NunesLaw.com for more videos and media content from our law firm.

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