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What is a Hit-and-Run Claim?

What is a Hit-and-Run Claim?

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Can you bring a claim if you were hit by a driver who failed to stay at the scene? The short answer is yes; it’s what’s called a hit-and-run claim. But it doesn’t just happen. You have to take some reasonable steps. The first and most important thing is, if you’ve been injured in this collision you need to seek the appropriate medical care.

Once you’ve taken care of seeking the right amount of medical care, you need to report the crash. You need to report it to your insurance company, and most importantly, you need to report it to law enforcement. I know sometimes law enforcement will not come out to the scene and take a report, so it’s incumbent upon you to go to that agency and make what is called a counter report. You have to have some documentation that there was actually an impact between your vehicle and another vehicle that hit you and fled. Those are the three key points that people miss in a hit and run claim when they try to go at it alone.

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