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Perhaps you have been in a collision at an intersection when the green traffic signal indicated you had the right to proceed.  If you have been told by an insurance adjuster that you are at fault, you may be the target of deceptive practices or misinformation.

Under the law in California, you are obligated to follow the laws of the road in the intersection.  California also grants you the expectation that others will follow the law.  While you should generally drive defensively and remain on the lookout for reckless drivers on the road, you are not responsible for the unexpected law-breaking behavior of another driver that caused you injury.

If you have received misinformation indicating you are responsible for your injuries in a situation where you were following the laws of the road and another driver unexpectedly acted contrary to the law in a way that led to collision or injury, then you should contact a lawyer.  Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about fault in your accident case, I want you to call me at (559) 702-5124.  I welcome your call.  Visit our educational website at www.NunesLaw.com for more videos and media content from our law firm.

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