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Why Insurance Companies Hire Personal Investigators?

Why Insurance Companies Hire Personal Investigators?

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Client’s often ask me, I think I’m being followed by somebody with a camera and most likely it’s from an insurance company. Why would an insurance company do such a thing? Well, to be honest with you they are looking for inconsistency between what the person says they can no longer do and what they are actually doing in their real life.

Here is an example of how surveillance can harm your case. I represented women who slipped and fell in an underground parking garage here in Fresno. She severely injured her arm as a result of the fall and spent many months getting treatment for the injuries. When she was finally released from the care she had some limitations on the movement of her arm and claimed it had a severe impact on her lifestyle. We took the case, we prosecuted the case and we came to a point, mediation, where we were going to settle the case. As we started to make our settlement demands we were met with a lot of resistance from the other side. Eventually, the other side confided and showed us that they had a video of my client, severe right arm injuries, bowling in a recent bowling event. As you can imagine this didn’t do much for the case and we didn’t settle it for as much as either of us had hoped. This is why it’s important if you are the victim surveillance by an insurance company that you immediately contact your attorney and notify the police of harassment.

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