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How Long Will It Take for My Case to Finish?

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You were involved in a car crash in California, and you want to know how long does it take for your case to finish. Well, the short answer is, “It depends”. It depends on a variety of factors. The first thing we look for is, have you been released from care? Now, what does released from care mean? Well, in essence, if you have bodily injury or harms to your person, it means that your doctors have done all they can for you and that they’ve reached the point where no more can be done for you, so we have a clear picture of all the harms and losses to your body from the crash.

It is important that we determine all of the harms and losses because we need to present them in a united and complete front for the other driver’s insurance company. We have to gather all of the records, all of the bills and all of the documents for any time missed from work so we can present to the other driver’s insurance company in one complete, easy-to-understand package. It may be easy for them to understand, but it’s something that you may need help with.

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