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Nearly every client who comes into my door, or every potential client who calls me on the phone asks me, “What is my case worth?” Well, the short answer is, ”It depends”, and it depends on a series of factors. First of all, what are the extent of your harms and losses caused my someone else’s carelessness? Are the harms great? Were you able to heal quickly? Did you only miss one day from work, or did you miss several days of work? Are you able to go back to what you were doing before the collision occurred?

The second one is the degree of fault. Are you at fault in way, shape or form for the harms and losses you suffered, or does all the liability and responsibility rest with the other person? Compensation can be based on a sliding scale of fault in California, depending on who bears what portion of the fault. Finally, even though it’s not a legal requirement, you have to look at the amount of insurance or assets available to pay for your harms and losses. I’ve had several cases with catastrophic injuries, and the person who caused the harms only had a minimal amount of insurance, or the person who caused the harm had no insurance at all.

It may seem like an intimidating process, but I have the answers to these questions. Pick up the phone and call the Nunes Law, Inc. at (559) 702-5124.

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