What is attorney client privilege

What Is an Attorney-Client Privilege

What is the attorney client privilege? Hi, I’m Frank Nunez. I’m a California personal injury trial attorney practicing in the state of California.

If you watch any type of law show on TV, you’ll hear people say, “That’s protected by the attorney client privilege.” Well, what exactly is the attorney client privilege? It’s a privilege that protects communications between the client and the attorney, specifically intended in the furtherance of the representation or for the attorney to help you with your case. It’s designed to assure the client that they can be honest with their attorney and not have a fear that that attorney is going to turn this information over to the other side without their permission. It also is something that must be done in a confidential setting. You can’t sit in the middle of a busy train section, screaming out loud, claiming that you’re communicating privately with your attorney.

There have to be reasonable precautions taken to make sure the communication is kept private. Now, it also extends to the attorney’s assistants, paralegals, secretaries, anybody when you call the attorney’s office. So don’t worry about always having to speak directly to the attorney. You can speak to their staff as well.

The person with control of the privilege is the client. The attorney is not allowed, with very few exceptions, to reveal those client confidences. So, unless the client wants to disclose the information, the attorney is not allowed to do so.

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