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Do You Really Need to Hire an Attorney for Your Car Accident Case?

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Do you really need to hire an attorney for your car accident case? The answer depends on whether you had any harms and losses from the crash. If you have no damage, what do you need an attorney for? Or, if you do have damage, and the insurance company for the other driver has paid all of your harms and losses, why do you need an attorney? Or, if you think you understand it all and didn’t need to go to law school to read the necessary documents the insurance company is going to have you sign, why would you need to hire an attorney? But, chances are, most of you have questions about these issues. Chances are the insurance company isn’t paying your claim in full. Chances are, somewhere, somehow, some insurance adjustor is questioning the most minute details of your case and holding up the entire resolution for a settlement amount.

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