What is the difference between a court and a jury trial?

Video – What is the difference between a court and a jury trial?

You file the lawsuit and you get a letter from your attorney asking whether you want a court or jury trial. Do you know the difference? Hi, I’m Frank Nunes, I’m a California civil litigation attorney practicing in the state of California. Let me explain to you the difference between a court or a judge trial, and a jury trial. Typically, you go with a court trial because they’re faster and the judge is the decision maker. You don’t have to prepare as much for it because the judge already knows the law or supposed to know the law. These are oftentimes preferred way to handle a case where the amounts are cut and dry and there’s really little, if any emotion, such as a dispute between two large corporations on a breach of contract or something as mundane as who said what and what kind of context. Jury trials, on the other hand, they take a little more work and they’re better suited for consumer or individual cases.

A lot of times when there’s a personal component, such as personal injury, jurors can listen to this, they can relate to what’s being said, it takes longer. The jurors have to be given instructions on the law, but oftentimes it can pay great results. Now, there’s pros and cons to each kind of trial. It’s best that you consult with an attorney to see which one is better for you. Well, that’s it for the video covering some of the differences between a court and jury trial. By the way, if you found this information helpful, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Why? So you can continue to get fresh new content every time we post a new video. And if you have questions, I want you to pick up the phone and call me since I can answer those questions. I answer questions like this all the time. You can reach me at (559) 436-0850. I’m Frank Nunes, and thanks for watching.


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