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What is Attorney Client Privilege

What is Attorney Client Privilege

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In television and the movies we often hear actors portraying lawyers say something like, “That’s protected by the attorney–client privilege” in a tense, dramatic exchange. This is an important privacy protection that affects what information can be shared, but it involves more than only the attorney and the client.

Attorney–client privilege is designed to make sure a client can be honest with their attorney without fearing the attorney will provide information to the other side.  These communications need to be done in a confidential setting, as loud discussions in a public setting cannot ensure privacy of information discussed.

Reasonable care must also be taken to ensure the communication remains private.  You need to know attorney–client privilege extends to the attorney’s assistants, paralegals, secretaries, and others involved when you call an attorney’s office.  The attorney’s staff is to maintain this privacy so the client is able to speak with them through the handling of the case.

The client is in control of privileged communications, as there are very few exceptions allowing the attorney to reveal client confidences.  Unless the client wishes to disclose the information, the attorney generally cannot do so.  Watch the video to learn more.

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